5 Winter Health Tips to Stay in Shape!

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Shorter days, plummeting temperatures, multiplying viruses... Winter can be harsh for your body and eventually weaken your immune defences. Fortunately, all you have to do is adopt good habits to stay in shape in the winter! Follow these 5 winter health tips to experience the winter season at its best.


Are you afraid of getting sick in the winter? Are you afraid of not doing enough sports because it's too cold to run outside? Even if the outside world seems to slow down during the winter, this does not necessarily mean that you have to hibernate. On the contrary, spending the winter locked up in your home will have negative impacts on your body, but also on your morale. This winter, we are doing everything we can to stay in shape, thanks to these few winter health tips.


1. Keep a Varied Diet

It is tempting to forget about salads and fresh juices in winter...It must be said that seasonal fruits and vegetables are not necessarily included in winter recipes. And then, with the cold temperatures, you want comforting food, such as cheesey pasta dishes, gratins or meat in sauce. Consumed from time to time, these dishes are perfect for a little pleasure. But to stay in shape in winter, it is important to keep a varied and balanced diet.

Keep eating fruits and vegetables! In winter, roast vegetables in the oven for a quick recipe, or in a soup that you can freeze for later consumption. On the market, we focus on squash, cabbage, beets, carrots and leeks. As for fruits, oranges, clementines, but also kiwis provide you with the vitamin C necessary to boost the immune system.


2. Practice a Sport

Source: Belle Neige website

No, winter doesn't rhyme with laziness. But it is true that it is more difficult to leave home (where it is warm) to go work out outdoors... And those who usually practice a sport outdoors often find it less enjoyable do it indoors. However, it is important to continue exercising during the winter to fight stress, eliminate toxins, maintain muscle tone and fight seasonal depression.

Fortunately, there are also sports specially made for winter, such as skiing, cross-country skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing, etc. The advantage of skiing is that it allows you to exercise while having fun, to fill up with vitamin D in the sun and to burn more calories than in the gym. And yes, to regulate your body's temperature in the cold since your body burns more calories during physical exercise.

Take advantage of the winter resorts near you to go skiing or discover a new activity. In the Eastern Townships, you can explore the ski resorts of Bromont and Mont Sutton. In the Laurentians, the resorts of ChanteclerBelle Neige and Mont Avalanche will be delighted to welcome you for the winter. Staying fit in winter also means going out with friends or skiing with family.


3. Remember to Clear Your Mind and Body

By staying indoors, you risk breathing more polluted and mite filled air. Despite the cold outside, it is important to open the windows in the morning, in order to ventilate your home for a few minutes. In addition to your home, it is also important to air your body and mind. Organize a mountain outing to hike, go snowshoeing or simply go tobogganing.

There is no shortage of accommodation... Far from your daily routine, your mind is free from all its stressful thoughts about work or other obligations. And after this short break in your daily life, you can face everything that winter has in store for you!


4. Take the Time to Relax

Source: Strom Spa website

We assure you, sports and cold are not the only two ways to stay in shape during the winter. You can also take the time to enjoy a detox massage! This is essential to properly circulate lymph, a liquid containing white blood cells that is used to remove waste from our body. In winter, lymph is often less stimulated due to a sedentary lifestyle. A massage, by acting on specific points such as the lymph nodes, helps to revive the lymphatic and circulatory systems and thus boost the body’s circulation.

If you feel stressed or tired, treat yourself to a massage in a spa. By reactivating the blood circulation, you will sleep better and regain energy! Make an appointment at Strøm Spa for a Swedish massage, a Californian massage or a hot stone massage.


5. Rely on Supplements

There is nothing wrong with giving your body a little boost with a few food supplements, especially during the winter. Indeed, due to a harsh winter, Canadians are usually in vitamin D deficiency from October to April. Vitamin D is involved in the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, which is essential for healthy bones. If you have trouble enjoying sunlight, consider taking vitamin D supplements. Instead, choose vitamin D3, which you can find in drops or tablets.

You can also take advantage of the benefits of ginseng to take care of your nervous system and regain your energy, and magnesium to counter a decrease in energy. And if you only want to take one supplement, choose royal jelly, rich in vitamins A, C, D and E as well as various trace elements that will help you fight winter viruses.


Winter fatigue is not inevitable! Eat well, move around, relax and learn about the supplements that are best suited to your situation. Thanks to all these winter health tips, you will enjoy skiing, cottages with friends and relaxing evening under the blanket!


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