Why Spring Break Is the Best Week for Skiing

Spring break is finally in sight and you only have one idea: go skiing! You're right, spring break is the perfect time to go skiing with your family in order to enjoy the ski slopes before the end of the season. Find out about the activities organized by the ski resorts for this week off and follow Powski's advice! You will have a great time in the snow.


The snowfalls have covered the ski resorts with a nice white coat just waiting for your skis (or snowboard). And what better time than spring break to go downhill or enjoy a snowshoe walk? Here's why you should take advantage of spring break to go to a ski resort and have some fun! 


Discover the activities organized by the ski resorts


During spring break, ski resorts compete in ingenuity to organize a variety of events. And we're not just talking about children's activities, but also adult events such as concerts. It's an opportunity to enjoy the resort to the fullest - and not just the slopes. After skiing all day long, talking with their favourite characters and watching a movie on the big screen, we bet your kids will be thrilled to go to bed for a good night's sleep! 


For example, Bromont Ski Resort organizes craft workshops with princesses, movie nights, but also shows with different artists. At Mont Sutton, you can expect some thrills with an initiation to the Yooner, adrenaline days in the snow park, graffiti on helmets and even an “après-ski of the future”. And the singers will be delighted to participate in the Wednesday karaoke sessions. Take advantage of the PowSki discounts to buy your ticket for less... 


To find out about events organized by ski resorts near you, don't hesitate to visit their social networks.


Spending time with your family


During spring break, adults and kids can finally get together and spend some quality time together. It's an opportunity to be with the whole family together and have some great experiences. On the ski slopes, people encourage each other, and during the ski lifts, they talk about their last run, about small talk or even deeper things. After a great day of skiing, why not take the time to enjoy a hot drink or a comforting meal? During the rest of the season, you are often tempted to go home quickly. But during spring break, take your time! 


Breathe in the fresh mountain air and live for the moment. Yes, skiing is not only a sporting outing, it's also a way to connect family ties.


Do something different


If we like going to the mountains so much during spring break, it's also because we have the opportunity to try a lot of different activities. Of course, it’s possible to just go skiing or snowboarding. But why not try other activities such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or even tube sliding? By varying the type of exercise you do, you'll make sure you take into account the preferences of the whole family, so you can enjoy spring break with enthusiasm!


And don't forget that thrill-seekers never miss an opportunity to invent new means of transportation and new snow sports... As long as it slides, they try it! After the skidoo, it is now possible to try snow scooters, bikes, yooners, snowskates, monogliss and much more.


Once again, taking the time to have fun is a great way to discover new winter activities and really enjoy this week off.


Planning a long ski trip


The spring break also allows you to explore more distant ski resorts... No need to hurry during the day to enjoy the slopes before going home: during that week, opt for longer stays. Have you ever thought about trying out the trails in the mountains of Western Canada


In Alberta, Banff Sunshine, Lake Louise and Norquay (also known as the Ski Big 3) are home to nearly 8,000 acres of skiing and sliding. Since you have a week ahead of you, we recommend that you take a ski pass that unites the three mountains, in order to increase the number of accessible trails. Unless you are familiar with one of the resorts, in which case, remember that you can get a discount on ski tickets through Powski.


If you prefer to travel to another country for the occasion, we recommend Jay Peak in Vermont. With 81 trails and more than 80 kilometers of trails, Jay Peak is one of the most beautiful ski resorts in Eastern North America. Better yet, it has a huge indoor water park that will delight young and old alike. Pond surfing, water slides, tube rides in an indoor river, indoor and outdoor jacuzzis... A great place to have fun after a day on the slopes, or on the contrary, to take a long break in your sports week. Learn more about Jay Peak in our article.


You've been waiting a long time for this week off... So be sure to make the most of it by choosing the ski resort that will please the whole family and save you money on your stay. Thanks to PowSki's discounted tickets, enjoy your holidays without regret.


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