Affordable Skiing: 5 tips for Skiing without Breaking the Bank

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Do the falling temperatures and the arrival of snow make you want to go skiing? Enjoy the ski season and hit the mountains without breaking the bank! Yes, it is possible to ski and pay less, especially if you get ski discount cards. Here are 5 tips to go skiing with family and friends or tackle the slopes solo, while saving money with discounted ski tickets.

In winter, sports enthusiasts, thrills and outdoor adventures can be found at their favorite ski resorts. Bromont, Mount Sutton, La Réserve, Mont-Orignal, Chantecler ... Do you want to go skiing without breaking the bank this winter? With Powski’s tips, find out how to ski for less.


How to Ski for Less?

- Plan ahead

- Carpool

- Buy discounted ski tickets

- Use partner discounts

- Equip yourself with second hand equipment

Do these tips interest you? We explain to you how to enjoy them and why they will help you to be even more zen during the ski season!


Plan your Outing in Advance

We all like spontaneous ski outings, those we decide the same day, between the two files we are finishing at work. Except that we end up paying full price for ski tickets and rental equipment. To save money, try to plan your stay in advance. There are some ski resorts that offer reduced rates depending on the days of the week. This is a good way to reduce expenses while avoiding the weekend crowd.

It is also possible to save money by choosing to go skiing in the evening at the ski resorts that allow it. Have you ever tried night skiing? Skiing at the end of the day, when night has fallen and the trails are lit up with hundreds of lights, it's an incredible experience! You can even admire the lights of the city that you can see in the distance.

Finally, snow junkies know that in order to enjoy the mountain all season long, it is better to get a season ski pass. Sometimes ski resorts offer brief promotions before the start of the season.


Find a More Affordable Means of Transportation

By organizing your ski outing in advance, it is also possible to find a cheaper means of transportation. Do you own a car and plan to use it to go skiing? You could carpool to save on fuel ... Ask your friends, neighbors or family. Some sites and applications can also organize a carpool with people who are going to the same place as you.

In fact, if you do not have a vehicle to go to the ski resort, consider carpooling and maybe getting a ride with other people. In addition, it cuts down on pollution: and the planet will thank you for it!

Finally, find out about public transportation options and shuttles. Some ski resorts are accessible by train and bus. Public transit is a great way to save money.


Think about Discounted Ski Tickets

In addition to the equipment (skis, poles, shoes, snowboard, etc.), which can be expensive for ski enthusiasts, it is without a doubt the ski tickets that cost the most. While prices vary by resort, tickets to ski lifts and trails can hurt your budget. So, to keep skiing as much as you want, we advise you get discounted ski tickets.

Become a Powski member! To do this, simply pay a seasonal fee to access discounted ski tickets and other partner promotions. On Powski, you can then choose the mountain that interests you to go skiing in the Laurentians or hit the ski slopes in Estrie. You can then choose your day to visit each partner mountain. Rates also vary according to the age of the skiers, think about it!


Take Advantage of Partner Discounts

What if you were told that the discounts did not stop at the ski tickets? Thanks to your seasonal subscription at Powski, you can also benefit from promotions at many of our partners! Spa, winter sports shops, hotels ... Experience winter, fully enjoying all the activities available. It's a good way to end a big day of skiing, or motivate friends to accompany you in the mountains, even if they do not like skiing.

Looking for ski equipment at a discount? Powski partners offer 15 to 30% off regular priced ski items, as well as discounts on skis and snowboards. For the pleasure of skiing, but also for your safety and that of other skiers, it is important to have your equipment checked at the beginning of the season.


Find your Ski Equipment Second Hand

If you want to save even more money, consider second-hand skis, ski boots and snowboards. Many people resell their belongings because they moved, or because they have bought new equipment, because they no longer have the opportunity to go skiing or because their children have grown up and outgrown their ski equipment. It is therefore possible to find inexpensive ski equipment. You can also find ski helmets, poles or ski apparel.

Also think of the resale shops like the Poubelle du ski, but also the thrift stores to buy: coats, ski jackets, ski pants, gloves, etc.

Thanks to these tips, you are ready to start the ski season on the right foot (or the right ski). Get some great discounts and promotional benefits at Powski.com. Where will you go skiing this winter? Which ski slopes will you discover? Choose your next destination on Powski to find discounted ski tickets.




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